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Philippe  Petra  is   a European luxury maison  that  creates exquisite, contemporary jewellery for dynamic and sophisticated women and men of the World. The high jewellery and fine jewellery creations of Philippe Petra are crafted by hand utilising the finest materials and rarest diamonds and gemstones. Our accessory jewellery lines  follow  the same concepts  of  sophistication   in design  and  high craftsmanship but  they come at  more accessible  price     tags. A   true   expression of   eternity,  our creations combine  sophisticated  design  to the   finest natural   materials through high craftsmanship, achieving  style  and quality that withstand  time. As such Philippe Petra represents the epitome  of classical  European luxury and savoir-faire within the realm of contemporary fine jewellery.

Our classical yet modern aesthetic lies in the harmony of materials, colours and proportions, which is the fruit of extensive research, analysis  and  prototyping processes that are unique  to  our  brand - these  time  consuming  processes yield  creations  that  are  sophisticated  both  in  design  and  in  finish, which render  them  visually  beautiful  and  technically  outstanding.  The exquisite handcrafted   jewels   of   Philippe   Petra   are   testimonies   of   fine   design sophistication at its purest form.

In our ateliers, knowledge jewellery craftsmen meticulously carry out all the processes related in the creation of out jewellery pieces, by hand. This involves a number of well versed professionals including designers, three-dimensional computer rendering specialists, casting specialists, goldsmiths, gemstone and diamond cutters and setters, stone carvers, engravers and polishing specialists. Philippe Petra jewel represent the summit of exacting artistry in jewellery through fine European craftsmanship. 

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