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Philippe Petra is a privately owned luxury maison that creates classic yet contemporary jewellery with a unique exotic flair. A true expression of eternity, our jewels combine sophisticated design to the finest natural materials through high craftsmanship, achieving style and quality that withstand time. Philippe Petra represents the epitome of classical European luxury and savoir-faire within the realm of contemporary fine jewellery.


With a passion for colour, brilliance and natural materials, we started our journey sourcing and trading rare gems and diamonds over a decade ago. To this day, we still view our work as the ultimate treasure hunt. We travel the globe to source the rarest and most captivating conflict-free gems, which we turn into unique jewels. Our love of aesthetics and harmony has led us to conceive magnificent jewellery pieces both in gem quality and design.


Timeless, sophisticated and unmistakeable, the style of Philippe Petra is legendary within the elusive realm of high jewellery. We firmly believe that jewellery should be treasured for generations so we conceive pieces that are contemporary but timeless. The sophistication of our creations comes to match the exceptional quality and rarity of the natural gems we employ. Our unique style is always apparent in every piece we create, which makes our jewels unmistakable even within an oversaturated market. 


Our classical yet modern aesthetic lies in the harmony of materials, colours and proportions. This is the fruit of extensive research, analysis  and  prototyping processes that are unique  to  our  brand. These  time  consuming  processes yield  creations  that  are  sophisticated  both  in  design  and  in  finish.  The exquisite handcrafted   jewels   of   Philippe   Petra   are   testimonies   of   fine   design sophistication at its purest form.


In our ateliers, knowledgeable jewellery craftsmen meticulously carry  out  all the processes related in the creation of our jewellery pieces, by hand. This involves a number of well versed professionals  including  designers,  three-dimensional computer rendering specialists,  casting specialists, gold smiths, gemstone and diamond cutters and setters, stone carvers, engravers and polishing specialists. Philippe  Petra  jewels  represent  the  summit  of  exacting  artistry  in  jewellery through fine European craftsmanship. 


At Philippe Petra, we cary some of the most sought-after investment grade gems. Rare colour diamonds, high grade large white diamonds, Burmese rubies, fine Kashmir sapphires, fine un-enhanced Colombian emeralds, fine Feicui jadeite and exceptional colour gemstones are consistently featured in our high jewellery creations. Our highly curated gem selections are assessed by our specialists based on discriminating market-relevant criteria that reflect value and rarity. 


The Philippe Petra quality standard for fine jewellery is World renowned. With a focus on gold quality and colour, stone-setting expertise, diamond brilliance and gemstone saturation, our pieces always stand out for their captivating beauty and exceptional quality. Our fine jewellery creations strike the perfect balance between iconic luxury and contemporary wearability.



Philippe Petra accessory jewellery pieces are created with the same level of attention to detail that goes onto creating exquisite fine jewellery. Sophisticated, exotic and refined, our natural gemstone bead bracelets are iconic must haves.

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Philippe Petra has a zero-tolerance policy towards racial, religious, sex, or sexual orientation discrimination and profiling in the work place. Philippe Petra recognises  the immense capacities of women and diverse groups of people in the work place and ensures their empowerment and nurturing, always welcoming them within the team and consistently giving equal opportunities and equal pay.


Philippe Petra is dedicated to protecting the environment and has taken the necessary steps to be as eco-friendly as possible, putting the protection of the natural world at the heart of our personal and corporate culture. We aspire to leave behind a world with less pollution, more pristine lands and waters and rich biodiversity.

The company is dedicated to reducing energy use and greenhouse gas emissions to protect future generations from the serious impacts of climate change. Learning more about climate change is an important part of the company’s philosophy, which allows us to take the necessary steps to continuously upgrade any relevant policies. 

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